Ways in Which You Can Get a Cheap Phone Contract


The sheer number of providers across the UK offering cheap phone contracts has been a blessing of sorts to the multitude of people looking to apply for one. 9 out of 10 individuals own a mobile phone and this in itself is an indication that mobile phones are no longer a luxury but rather a necessity. With the many providers offering mobile phone contracts, it might be tricky for a number of people to discern when they are being offered a nice deal or not. Some stick with the same provider for years oblivious to the fact that other providers could be offering a better and cheaper phone contract. Each and everyone would agree that cost plays a very central role when it comes to choosing a given contract. In that wavelength, what are some of the ways in which you can get a cheaper phone contract? What are some of the things you need to take into consideration?

  • Determine your actual usage

It goes without saying that majority of people do not necessarily exhaust the number of texts, minutes or even data bundles they are allocated. Some are forced to engage in sideshows or doing unnecessary things they are not interested in over the internet simply to feel that they are getting value out of what they are paying. Why not determine your actual usage and go for a plan that suits your usage? Trust me its better knowing what your usage is and paying for that rather than paying more for what you don’t actually use.

  • Be in the know

A popular adage has it that knowledge is power. Do your research and compare a number of providers to be in the know of what they offer. Being knowledgeable gives you an edge when it comes to negotiation as various sales people tend to corner you into a deal by even distorting facts so long as they know you are ignorant. To avert such a scenario, compare a number of providers and have all the information at your finger tips when negotiating for a cheaper contract. It gives you the power to effectively negotiate and get a cheaper phone contract for yourself.

  • Play the “loyal customer” card

Loyal customers tend to get discounts on mobile phone contracts from providers. When negotiating with your provider, ask them how much of a discount a loyal customer will be getting. Of course, when doing this, have information on what other providers charge for loyal customers to back up your claim. Providers are always looking for loyal customers and therefore playing this card can always help you land cheap phone contracts.

  • Go for a SIM only contract

If you have a decent phone that you love so much and hence not in need of a new one, why not go for a SIM only contract? SIM only contracts are way cheaper than mobile phone contracts that come up with a handset. They are also flexible in the sense that you can easily switch to another provider if you are not satisfied with the current deal that you have been offered.

  • Check out the length of your contract

Ordinarily, providers offer between 12 and 36 months as the required contract length. When it comes to the length of your contract, there are a number of pros and cons. A short contract period gives you an opportunity to shift earlier if you are not satisfied. Conversely, you end up paying a high monthly bill. A long contract on the other hand drastically reduces the amount of money you pay per month but also ties you to a specific provider for a long period of time. You should therefore carefully evaluate your budget before going for any given contract.

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