Guide to Getting Cheap Mobile Phone Contracts


The UK alone boasts of over 80 million mobile phone contracts. This statistic alone points to the popularity of mobile phone contracts in the UK and the fact that most people are increasingly going for mobile phone contracts. The multifarious nature of mobile phone contracts means that choosing the right one and cheapest for you can be an uphill task.

Most people simply make decisions out of ignorance or simply informed by the hype of various providers. The effects of such rush and uninformed decisions are always debilitating in the long run as a person ultimately realizes that they have spent more than they could have if they took measures to get a cheaper contract.

This guide is ostensibly designed to give you an edge when choosing mobile contracts and enlighten you on how you can get cheap phone contracts.

  • Threaten to cancel the existing contract

If you have been with a contractor for a certain period of time and your existing contract is about to come to an end, you can always threaten to cancel and move to another provider. If your provider values you, they will offer you a better deal than the one you had to keep you. Of course, competition is very rife in mobile contracts and no provider will willfully lose a loyal customer. Your loyalty needs to be rewarded and hence a better way to get a better deal is to threaten your contractor that you intend to cancel. If you have a splendid record of always paying on time and has been loyal for a while, there is no reason as to why your provider shouldn’t give in and give you a better and cheaper mobile phone contract.

  • Ask directly for a discount

If you are applying for a new contract and your existing contract is coming up for renewal, there is no harm in asking your provider for a discount. This could be on the cost or even on the data bundles, texts or minutes you receive. Before you ask for a discount from your provider, ensure that you carry out detailed research on what other providers offer their loyal customers and back your request with facts.

Comparison sites could be quite useful in this regard as they tend to compare different providers based on the cost of the different plans they offer, the benefits and even the agreed contractual period. It’s simply a matter of telling your provider that you believe the current contract is too expensive. The provider will then check your usage and if they realize that you never exhaust minutes and even data bundles on your current contract, they might consider offering you a tariff in line with your needs.

  • Understand your usage

It can be paining paying for ultimately what you don’t use. Probably you don’t browse as much on the internet or you rarely text people and therefore end up not utilizing your mobile phone contract deal to the fullest. Understanding your usage can help you get a better and cheaper contract based on what you use. Considering that there are different plans available, always go for one that ultimately meets your needs and which is the cheapest and within your budget.

Taking the aforementioned guide into perspective can make all the difference when you are seeking for a cheap phone contract in the UK or anywhere else across the globe.

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