Bad Credit Mobile Phones – What You Need To Know


Bad credit is something that many people do not want to be identified with. It’s like a sentence of sorts, a judgment and an indictment on the personality of a person. People with bad credit always go through struggles that they wish they couldn’t. They are screened thoroughly before being approved for any mobile phone contract, credit card or even a loan. To add insult to injury, they always get the short end of the stick because they are deemed high risk. Thanks to the financial crisis that hit the world a few years ago, most lenders across the UK have now relaxed the rules and now most of them offer bad credit mobile phones.

Bad credit mobile phones contracts, as the name suggests, refers to mobile phone contracts designed for individuals with bad credit or who have a poor credit rating. For long, the major bone of contention with this kind of deals was there their cost. Due to the fact that applicants were people with a low credit score, providers always charged exorbitant costs and required that they make hefty upfront fees. This however is no longer the case as there are many providers across the UK who offer cheap and affordable bad credit mobile phones contracts.

Different providers offer different benefits on bad credit mobile phones. The contractual period can range from 12 months to anywhere around 36 months. Some of the benefits that applicants enjoy when applying for bad credit mobile phones include:

  • Low call rates as compared to a Pay As You Go (PAYG) plan
  • Unlimited text messages
  • Free multimedia messages
  • Reduced peak hour call rates
  • Reduced rate on data transmission per MB
  • Option for cash backs

However, to get the most affordable deals, it calls upon a person to do proper research and enter into contract with a provider that best suits their needs. There are countless providers in UK alone that offer bad credit mobile phones and therefore it’s instructive that a person does proper research and settles on a provider that effectively meets their needs.

When it comes to applications, a person does not necessarily have to physically present themselves to a brick and mortar provider. There is always the option to apply online which is not only convenient and fast but also simple. However, prior to that a background research is of essence in so far as getting an affordable deal is concerned. Reading reviews, recommendations and even testimonials can go a long way in ensuring that a person gets the best deal.

Bad credit mobile phones contracts have also been found to be quite essential in helping a person rebuild their credit report. The secret lied in ensuring that a person does not fail in making monthly installments and that their account with the provider is in good standing. Consequently, those with no credit report can start building there’s using bad credit mobile phones. The only disadvantage with bad credit mobile phones is that most providers tend to require that an applicant pay an upfront fee and that they get committed to a long term contract than the standard period of 12 months.

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