Bad Credit Mobile Phones – What You Need To Know


Bad credit is something that many people do not want to be identified with. It’s like a sentence of sorts, a judgment and an indictment on the personality of a person. People with bad credit always go through struggles that they wish they couldn’t. They are screened thoroughly before being approved for any mobile phone contract, credit card or even a loan. To add insult to injury, they always get the short end of the stick because they are deemed high risk. Thanks to the financial crisis that hit the world a few years ago, most lenders across the UK have now relaxed the rules and now most of them offer bad credit mobile phones.

Bad credit mobile phones contracts, as the name suggests, refers to mobile phone contracts designed for individuals with bad credit or who have a poor credit rating. For long, the major bone of contention with this kind of deals was there their cost. Due to the fact that applicants were people with a low credit score, providers always charged exorbitant costs and required that they make hefty upfront fees. This however is no longer the case as there are many providers across the UK who offer cheap and affordable bad credit mobile phones contracts.

Different providers offer different benefits on bad credit mobile phones. The contractual period can range from 12 months to anywhere around 36 months. Some of the benefits that applicants enjoy when applying for bad credit mobile phones include:

  • Low call rates as compared to a Pay As You Go (PAYG) plan
  • Unlimited text messages
  • Free multimedia messages
  • Reduced peak hour call rates
  • Reduced rate on data transmission per MB
  • Option for cash backs

However, to get the most affordable deals, it calls upon a person to do proper research and enter into contract with a provider that best suits their needs. There are countless providers in UK alone that offer bad credit mobile phones and therefore it’s instructive that a person does proper research and settles on a provider that effectively meets their needs.

When it comes to applications, a person does not necessarily have to physically present themselves to a brick and mortar provider. There is always the option to apply online which is not only convenient and fast but also simple. However, prior to that a background research is of essence in so far as getting an affordable deal is concerned. Reading reviews, recommendations and even testimonials can go a long way in ensuring that a person gets the best deal.

Bad credit mobile phones contracts have also been found to be quite essential in helping a person rebuild their credit report. The secret lied in ensuring that a person does not fail in making monthly installments and that their account with the provider is in good standing. Consequently, those with no credit report can start building there’s using bad credit mobile phones. The only disadvantage with bad credit mobile phones is that most providers tend to require that an applicant pay an upfront fee and that they get committed to a long term contract than the standard period of 12 months.

Guide to Getting Cheap Mobile Phone Contracts


The UK alone boasts of over 80 million mobile phone contracts. This statistic alone points to the popularity of mobile phone contracts in the UK and the fact that most people are increasingly going for mobile phone contracts. The multifarious nature of mobile phone contracts means that choosing the right one and cheapest for you can be an uphill task.

Most people simply make decisions out of ignorance or simply informed by the hype of various providers. The effects of such rush and uninformed decisions are always debilitating in the long run as a person ultimately realizes that they have spent more than they could have if they took measures to get a cheaper contract.

This guide is ostensibly designed to give you an edge when choosing mobile contracts and enlighten you on how you can get cheap phone contracts.

  • Threaten to cancel the existing contract

If you have been with a contractor for a certain period of time and your existing contract is about to come to an end, you can always threaten to cancel and move to another provider. If your provider values you, they will offer you a better deal than the one you had to keep you. Of course, competition is very rife in mobile contracts and no provider will willfully lose a loyal customer. Your loyalty needs to be rewarded and hence a better way to get a better deal is to threaten your contractor that you intend to cancel. If you have a splendid record of always paying on time and has been loyal for a while, there is no reason as to why your provider shouldn’t give in and give you a better and cheaper mobile phone contract.

  • Ask directly for a discount

If you are applying for a new contract and your existing contract is coming up for renewal, there is no harm in asking your provider for a discount. This could be on the cost or even on the data bundles, texts or minutes you receive. Before you ask for a discount from your provider, ensure that you carry out detailed research on what other providers offer their loyal customers and back your request with facts.

Comparison sites could be quite useful in this regard as they tend to compare different providers based on the cost of the different plans they offer, the benefits and even the agreed contractual period. It’s simply a matter of telling your provider that you believe the current contract is too expensive. The provider will then check your usage and if they realize that you never exhaust minutes and even data bundles on your current contract, they might consider offering you a tariff in line with your needs.

  • Understand your usage

It can be paining paying for ultimately what you don’t use. Probably you don’t browse as much on the internet or you rarely text people and therefore end up not utilizing your mobile phone contract deal to the fullest. Understanding your usage can help you get a better and cheaper contract based on what you use. Considering that there are different plans available, always go for one that ultimately meets your needs and which is the cheapest and within your budget.

Taking the aforementioned guide into perspective can make all the difference when you are seeking for a cheap phone contract in the UK or anywhere else across the globe.

Valuable Information When Applying For Guaranteed Mobile Phone Contracts


You will agree with me that credit checks are standard practice whenever a person applies for a mobile phone contract. This tradition is not only unique in the UK but also other parts of the globe. Credit checks are essentially carried out by providers to evaluate the viability of a person to a given mobile phone contract. They are carried out so that the provider can be able to evaluate the kind of plan to offer an applicant, the cost, the benefits as well as the duration that an applicant will be attached to a given contract. Unfortunately, credit checks are the number one contributor to the tribulations that people with bad credit face.

They are always rejected based on their credit rating and this by all means can be a bitter pill to swallow especially considering that mobile devices are essential in every aspect of our lives. Thanks to the emergence of providers offering guaranteed mobile phone contracts, people with bad credit can now rest easy. There is a positive atmosphere in the UK as people with bad credit can now apply for mobile phone contracts without having to worry on end on the likelihood of their contracts being rejected or declined.

It’s no longer a question of whether I will be approved but rather am I getting an affordable deal with this particular provider? There are many guaranteed mobile phone contracts providers across the UK hence the need for a person to do their homework well before entering into contract with any of them. A person needs to check reputation of a given provider, credibility, diversity of their plans, the perks they offer customers and ultimately what one stands to benefit in the long run.

To find out all these information, there are a number of dedicated comparison and review sites like PhonesForAll that offer incisive and valuable information on various providers. Visiting such sites can give you an opportunity to have a sneak peek into the different plans of a given provider, the perks and other important information that you would normally not be privy to. Consequently, peers and even colleagues play an important role in helping a person make the right choice in so far as application and approval of guaranteed mobile phones is concerned. A person should be able to seek for recommendations from friends or family based on their experience with a given provider.

Last but not least, the ultimate decision to apply for a contract with any given provider should mostly be based on the affordability and the benefits that a person is bound to enjoy. For instance, is there room for an upgrade after a couple of months? What about coverage? Is the coverage good and covers most parts of the UK? Do you remain with your number or will you be forced to change to a new one? All these are instrumental in ensuring that you get a proper guaranteed mobile phone contract. You simply need to take your time and not be in a rush when applying for such kind of contracts.

Useful Tips to Get Cheap Phone Contracts


When mobile phones were first introduced, they were the preserve of the rich and the affluent. They were a luxury of sorts and only within the reach of the affluent. However, this gradually changed and today, almost everyone owns a mobile phone. In fact, it’s unfathomable in this time and age to comprehend a person going about their day to day duties without a mobile phone. The popularity of mobile phones has also directly positively impacted the meteoritic rise and popularity of mobile phone contracts. With the wide array of providers in the market in the UK, the question is no longer how to get a mobile contract but how cheap a mobile phone contract you can get.

For starters, getting cheap phone contracts is not about going by the wind or following the opinion of your colleagues per se. It requires that a person takes a proactive approach. You need to go out there and find out for yourself the deals that various providers offer. After all, the needs of your peers might be quite different from those of your own. By personally taking the initiative to get information first hand on the various mobile phone contracts available, you are able to narrow down on the cheapest and the ones that offer the best benefits.

Secondly, you need to educate yourself. There are a number of online portals or comparison sites that offer useful information on providers that offer cheap phone contracts in the UK. It’s always advisable that you negotiate these contracts from a knowledgeable point of view. As providers adopt the policy of “know your customer”, you also need to know your provider in and out. This gives you the bargaining power to negotiate for a cheaper phone contract as ignorance only works against you and your prospects. In addition, such online portals also provide you with information regarding the kind of handsets that various providers offer, the costs, the benefits and so on and so forth.

Thirdly, you need to ask yourself whether you need a mobile phone contract or not. It might seem like a silly question considering that everyone nowadays is going for a mobile phone contracts. However, look at it this way. What if you are never on the internet as much or text a lot or make calls as much? Will a mobile phone contract work for you? In such circumstance, you might be well off going for a prepaid plan or a Pay As You Go (PAYG) plan.

Fourthly, you need to negotiate and just accept everything you are told by your provider as gospel truth. No deal put on the table is cast in stone. The best way to get a cheaper mobile phone contract is if you negotiate for it. Otherwise, no provider will be willing to give you discounts if you do not bring up the idea. After all, they are in the business of making money.

Ways in Which You Can Get a Cheap Phone Contract


The sheer number of providers across the UK offering cheap phone contracts has been a blessing of sorts to the multitude of people looking to apply for one. 9 out of 10 individuals own a mobile phone and this in itself is an indication that mobile phones are no longer a luxury but rather a necessity. With the many providers offering mobile phone contracts, it might be tricky for a number of people to discern when they are being offered a nice deal or not. Some stick with the same provider for years oblivious to the fact that other providers could be offering a better and cheaper phone contract. Each and everyone would agree that cost plays a very central role when it comes to choosing a given contract. In that wavelength, what are some of the ways in which you can get a cheaper phone contract? What are some of the things you need to take into consideration?

  • Determine your actual usage

It goes without saying that majority of people do not necessarily exhaust the number of texts, minutes or even data bundles they are allocated. Some are forced to engage in sideshows or doing unnecessary things they are not interested in over the internet simply to feel that they are getting value out of what they are paying. Why not determine your actual usage and go for a plan that suits your usage? Trust me its better knowing what your usage is and paying for that rather than paying more for what you don’t actually use.

  • Be in the know

A popular adage has it that knowledge is power. Do your research and compare a number of providers to be in the know of what they offer. Being knowledgeable gives you an edge when it comes to negotiation as various sales people tend to corner you into a deal by even distorting facts so long as they know you are ignorant. To avert such a scenario, compare a number of providers and have all the information at your finger tips when negotiating for a cheaper contract. It gives you the power to effectively negotiate and get a cheaper phone contract for yourself.

  • Play the “loyal customer” card

Loyal customers tend to get discounts on mobile phone contracts from providers. When negotiating with your provider, ask them how much of a discount a loyal customer will be getting. Of course, when doing this, have information on what other providers charge for loyal customers to back up your claim. Providers are always looking for loyal customers and therefore playing this card can always help you land cheap phone contracts.

  • Go for a SIM only contract

If you have a decent phone that you love so much and hence not in need of a new one, why not go for a SIM only contract? SIM only contracts are way cheaper than mobile phone contracts that come up with a handset. They are also flexible in the sense that you can easily switch to another provider if you are not satisfied with the current deal that you have been offered.

  • Check out the length of your contract

Ordinarily, providers offer between 12 and 36 months as the required contract length. When it comes to the length of your contract, there are a number of pros and cons. A short contract period gives you an opportunity to shift earlier if you are not satisfied. Conversely, you end up paying a high monthly bill. A long contract on the other hand drastically reduces the amount of money you pay per month but also ties you to a specific provider for a long period of time. You should therefore carefully evaluate your budget before going for any given contract.

Are Mobile Phone Contracts The Way To Go?


If you asked me, mobile phone contracts have revolutionized the way we do everything. Gone are the days when we had to painfully save until we had enough money to buy a phone of our preference or one which had just been released. The Pay As You Go (PAYG) plan can be a pain in the neck considering that you have to buy scratch cards every now and then to top up. What happens if you need to call someone urgently in the middle of the night and you have no credit?

What about the fact that you have to purchase data bundles every time you want browse on the internet or connect on social media? The fact that people can now get access to cheap phone contracts even with bad credit is one of the reasons why going for mobile contracts has become a salvation of sorts. We no longer have to feel sorry for ourselves simply because we have bad credit. The numerous numbers of providers across the UK willing to offer guaranteed mobile phone contracts at affordable rates has wondrously changed our lives.

I can now get my hands on the latest iPhone 6 plus without having to worry of the cost. With a mobile phone contract, I can pay monthly payments as determined and agreed by my provider as I continue using my dream phone. I also get the opportunity to negotiate the number of data bundles I get on my deal, the text messages as well as free minutes based on my usage. The good thing is that if I feel like I do not need a new handset, I can always go for a SIM only contract which is relatively cheaper as compared to others. In light of all these, mobile phone contracts are indeed the way to go and this explains why millions of people in the UK and many other parts of the world are on mobile phone contracts!